Sri Lankan Inauguration Ceremony

The president of Sri Lanka, Maithripala Sirisena, inaugurated the biomass power plant of Tokyo Eastern Cement Co. Ltd. with a LAWI EtaComb® 350 combustion system and a generator capacity of 8 MW. By using biomass such as gliricidia and rice husk, the power plant will contribute to the clean renewable energy production matrix of Sri Lanka.

In total, the plant will produce 160.000,000 KWh of clean renewable energy per year, which equals to the annual electricity consumption of about 100,000 Sri Lankan rural households. LAWI Engineering is proud by again being able helping to achieve the national renewable energy target, which is to generate 10 % of the country’s energy through all forms of non-conventional renewable energy resources by 2017.

With the 1st power plant in Trincomalee and the 2nd in Mahiyangana, this inauguration symbolizes the 3rd successful cooperation between Tokyo Cement Co. Ltd. and LAWI Engineering GmbH.

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