LAWI is developing a new advanced control algorithm LAWI EtaLogic®

Process control of biomass and waste-to-energy power plants is a complicated process, in which numerous process parameters have interactions with each other. Biomass and waste fuels are characterized to have various and sometimes unpredictable quality, heating value, moisture and even sudden changes to power generation demand. These fuel properties cause a lot of difficulties for the tuning and parameterization of common distributed control system controllers in regard to the stability and general efficiency of the power plant.

In almost every project our team was daily facing the problem of adjusting the DCS controllers, which lead to increased workload and in the worst case, a plant shutdown. Therefore, LAWI set a goal to design an advanced control algorithm for a better control of the power plant, as no such product existed for the multifuel power plants yet. The importance of creating an advanced control system lies in increasing stability and efficiency of the power plant, which have a direct financial relationship with the power plant income. As this product is a high requested innovation in the field of power plant automation, in 2016 LAWI Engineering has received funding from the German government which allowed allocating additional resources to this project.

Having analyzed the experiences from commissioning and tuning of the process controllers from past projects, we have now finished working on the first version of LAWI EtaLogic®. Currently, we are testing it in our existing power plants and will be offering our technology for other biomass and waste-to-energy power plants in the nearest future.

If you are interested in receiving a customized offer for the LAWI EtaLogic® technology, please contact our procurement department: