LAWI EtaComb® modification report for the existing 9.9 MWel biomass fired power plant

In 2014 LAWI Engineering has been awarded with a modification order for the existing 9.9 MWel biomass power plant in Kamalasai, Thailand. This power plant, which is operated by using rice husk and wood chip as feedstock, had problems with low efficiency and low operating hours. LAWI revised the power plant design and integrated a more efficient LAWI EtaComb® combustion system with a moving grate instead of an existing combustion system and a vibrating grate.

Before the modification, this power plant used approximately 14,555 kg/h of fuel at a combustion efficiency of 97.0 % and a boiler efficiency of 86.5 %. After the modification has been completed, our tests showed that the combustion efficiency with LAWI EtaComb® installation has been increased by 0.8 % and the boiler efficiency by 3.2 %. Now the plant uses only 12,520 kg/h of fuel.

Due to LAWI EtaComb® installation it is possible to save 2 tons of fuel per hour. 

This modification of the combustion system did not only increase the efficiency of the power plant but also the operation hours. With the increased hours up to 8,000 h/a it contributes to the fuel savings of up to 16,280 t/a. Considering the current fuel price of 20.00 $/t, it leads to total savings of 325,600.00 $/a.

Comparing the additional investment for the modification of this power plant (1.85 million USD) with the fuel savings, this investment is paid off after approximately six years just by the fuel savings from this modification. At the same time this power plant is able to produce more electricity due to the increased operation hours per year, which represents additional source of income to pay off the modification costs even quicker.