Cuba wants to become green - with our help

Our Cuban project is taking firm steps towards its realization!

The Cuban renewable energy market has great potential as the country has taken a course towards the energy independence. In the last years, several new projects like solar plants and wind farms were successfully completed in various Cuban provinces. As Cuba is one of the biggest sugar importers, the Cuban government is also interested in the biomass power plants which could operate using the residuals from the production process.

The power plant, which we are developing together with Prolignis AG, under the joint venture name EnerCu, shall be connected to the sugar mill and use bagasse as a feedstock during the harvest season. Marabú bush was chosen as a supplemental fuel during the non-harvest season, as this power plant shall be operated during the whole year. Using marabú as a feedstock is very helpful for the local farmers, as it is a highly invasive tree species which damages the farming areas. The gained electricity shall partly be used for the operation of the sugar mill and partly be transferred to the Cuban public grid, for which the Cuban government offers a fixed feed-in tariff.

The total project costs are estimated to be around 70 million USD and negotiations with worldwide investors are currently being held.

This is a summary of an article published by Deutsche Welle on 29.11.2018. To read the full article, please click here (available only in German)