LAWI Engineering is signing cooperation agreements for the first pilot project in Cuba

LAWI Engineering is expanding the geography of its project, having started working on the first biomass project in Cuba together with our partners for project development Prolignis AG and Martin Sander, a highly experienced Latin America expert.

Cuba, whose energy imports are highly dependent on the oil imports from abroad, has decided to expand its energy portfolio and focus on renewable energy.  The government’s plan is to have a 24 % renewable energy share in the total country’s energy portfolio until 2024. In order to reach this goal, 20 biomass energy projects across the island were announced.

Our goal is to develop a 25 MWel biomass cogeneration plant at the Caracas sugar mill in Lajas, Cuba. It is estimated that with the successful commissioning of this power plant, approximately 120,000 tons of carbon emissions per year will be reduced. Start of construction is planned for the second half of 2019 with plant commissioning in late 2021.

We will keep you updated on the latest news about this project; if you have specific questions about our Cuba project, please contact the project manager Mr. Schmusch:  

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Marabú bush example

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Caracass Sugar Mill