LAWI Projectmanagement

Keeping Power Plant Projects on the right track

Project management is the organization of human, material and financial resources with the aim to reach the project goals.

The primary goal of power plant projects is the cost-effective and reliable supply of power and/or heat at minimized fuel cost.

With an extensive experience in the realization of power plant projects, LAWI Engineering develops individual tailor-made concepts for each project and take over delegable functions of a principal in the course of that project.

LAWI Engineering Project Management - Looking at the project as a whole in contrast to just looking at it from a single discipline's point of view and taking reliable care of the most essential part of each project: open communication in every direction.

LAWI Engineering’s all-encompassing Project Management leads your project through:

  • Procurement Consultancy: Technical and commercial assistance in the process of procurement of all major components of the power plant
  • Quality Assurance: compliance of contractually agreed and delivered quality standards of all equipment, works and services that are purchased
  • Integrity Assurance: smooth and accurate integration of all major components to guarantee the over-all power plant performance according to the design figures
  • Time Management: professional approach of fulfillment and adherence of contractually agreed schedules and delivery dates.
  • Performance Management: compliance of contractually agreed and delivered performances of the projects main targets

During the process of the project, the project requirements have to be balanced depending on the available human and material resources, planned funds and applicable technology. We structure your project at all time and find answers to the questions "What is there to do?" and "When and in which order do things need to be done?" Based on these answers we deduce work packets which are then related to each other in the project flow chart. Each work packet is then assigned a clear responsibility as well as deadlines, costs and resources. In order to enable the project manager to identify risks and to react to changes high transparency is necessary. This is achieved by a set of targeted measures.

Project Management costs money – no Project Management costs even more.