LAWI EtaPlant® Srisangdaw 9 MW

biomass multi fueled power plant
with 45 tph steam boiler capacity at 66 bar(a) and 485°C


Biomass Power Plant with LAWI EtaComb® 400

Srisangdaw Biopower Co., Ltd.

Roi Et | Thailand

June 2012

Design multi fuel:
Rice husk, eucalyptus bark



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Srisangdaw 9.9 MW biomass power plant was designed by LAWI Engineering for Srisangdaw Biopower Co., Ltd. and commissioned in the year 2012. This project is conceptualized as a fully condensing power plant to supply electricity to the public grid of the Provincial Electrical Authority (PEA). The total investment for this project is around 25,000,000 USD. All works for it have been completed within initial project schedule under LAWI project management. 
This power plant is located in Roi Et Province in Thailand and is connected to the local Srisangdaw rice mill. In order to provide flexibility and constant operation even in times when rice husk is unavailable or available only at increased prices, LAWI Engineering has integrated the LAWI EtaComb® multi-fuel combustion system into this project. It allows safe and reliable usage of not only rice husk, but also other available agricultural residuals, in particular residuals from the nearby bark industry.
Srisangdaw power plant has made a significant contribution to improve northern Thailand’s decentralized power supply from renewable sources, saving Thailand 38,610,000 kg of CO2 emissions per year. This project is as well supporting local economy of Srisangdaw by making use of different agricultural residuals. The only waste, which is being produced by this power plant, is ash. It is used by the local farmers to fertilize their rice fields.


Firing design capacity:
40 MWth

Steam boiler design:
45 tph; 66 bar(a); 485°C

Generator capacity:
9.9 MWel

Fuel consumption:
9.4 tph

Net heat rate:
14,257 kJ/kWhel

Gross electrical efficiency:
28.1 %

Operation hours:
8,000 h/a


To read the full case study of the Srisangdaw project please visit our download page.