LAWI EtaComb® Combustion Systems

Advanced Utilization instead of burning down: The LAWI EtaComb® Combustion System

The flagship of the LAWI Eta products: The LAWI EtaComb® combustion system with post combustion chamber; a high efficiency multi-fuel combustion system for the combustion of solid waste fuels such as biomass and municipal solid waste.

The advanced firing technology of the LAWI EtaComb® is a patented technology using exhaust gas recirculation resulting in an absolute combustion efficiency of up to 98%.

The LAWI EtaComb® combustion system unrivalled combines everything what investors may ask for:

  • Efficiency: A high plant efficiency increases the income from energy sales. Especially in terms of additionally procured fuels, every percentage point in efficiency represents a few months shortened pay-back time of investment.
  • Flexibility: Due to its natural origin, solid biomass or municipal solid waste are not homogenous. Wet, dry, coarse, fine, or contaminated with inert materials, the flexible multi-fuel LAWI EtaComb® combustion system offers a wide range of options for firing the various fuel qualities with high reliability.
  • Emission: Even ambitious CO- and NOX-values may be guaranteed. The innovative exhaust gas recirculation system reduces the heat losses of exhaust gas at stack and reduces the formation of nitrogen oxides (NOX). Furthermore it avoids ash melting difficulties and its potentially expensive consequences, even when critical fuels are used.
  • Quality of Ash: Dry de-ashing and an outstanding burn-out of the ash can provide a valuable by-product and at least minimizes the costs of disposal.