LAWI Engineering

Technological Leadership through thoughtful German Engineering

LAWI Engineering’s highly qualified and experienced German engineering team wisely designs and accompanies your project through all phases.

Realizing an electrical efficiency of almost 30% and a boiler efficiency of far over 90%, LAWI Engineering’s power plant concepts outperform its competitors.

Beside the reliability, the efficiency of a power plant should be the important part of a purchase evaluation since the annual cost of fuel can easily be 30-50% of the installed cost of the equipment.

As a result, a difference in efficiency and the consequential difference in fuel cost can easily offset the price difference of installing the product. In many cases, the fuel savings in the first year exceed the difference of the installed cost. Thereafter the savings continue to accrue each year.

LAWI Engineering assures that your project performs according to its design figures.

LAWI Engineering is highly experienced in

  • Concept Engineering
    The Concept Phase Engineering Process is about framing the project (describing the plant), drafting preliminary documents, collecting project (plant) data for financial & feasibility analyses, drafting financing structures, pre-selecting supplier and instruments, drafting a project implementation time-line.
  • Basic and Detail Engineering
    The Basic and Detail Engineering Phase intends to finalize the draft drawings from the Conceptual Phase into execution documents. In this phase drawings intend to crystallize the design concept and form the basis for the detail (construction) engineering as well as specify Supplier and Equipment Guidelines.
  • Detail Engineering
    The Detail Engineering Phase provides the final construction drawings and documents of the plant.
  • Power Plant Performance Testing
    Operational Performance Testing according to the codes of ASME or other international testing standards.